Study seeks established entrepreneurs


How do established entrepreneurs think? Speaker, facilitator and author Kate Atkin is looking for people to take part in her current study.


Kate says: "As part of my Masters in applied positive psychology, I am exploring the differences in the way male and female entrepreneurs think, by looking at the concepts of self efficacy (namely confidence in particular circumstances) and the imposter phenomenon (a feeling of fraudulence or undeserved success).  

"If you, or someone you know, may be willing to be involved, please contact me for more details on or 07779 646 976.

"To take part you need to have established a business at least five years ago which is still running.  There are two short online questionnaires and a face to face interview which is likely to last around 45 minutes."

Kate's study is supervised by the University of East London.



Speaking and facilitating workshops on the impostor phenomenon / imposter syndrome, confidence and presentation skills. Both in-person and online.
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Kate Atkin: Speaker (imposter syndrome) and Consultant