Segmentis Limited has released buZZ.Professional 1.0 and buZZ.Lite 1.0, two NEW groundbrea...


CAMBRIDGE, UK October 23rd 2000: Segmentis Limited has released two unique software products, buZZ.

Professional and buZZ.lite, that give graphic designers using Mac or Windows platform - and everyone else who manipulates images - an extra and vital edge to their creative work.

Both enable graphic effects previously impossible, thanks to a revolutionary 'Simplifier' filter, which allows the removal of unwanted detail from an image without the usual loss of focus, colour and edge. So all the vital features and quality of the original are retained.

Once an image has been simplified in this way, further effects can be applied to produce quite stunning and original works of art. These effects are stored in a patented, intuitive 'Stack', which allows the user to experiment with differing combinations of effects, and re-order them, whilst seeing the outcome of the selection as a preview.

buZZ.Professional 1.0 offers 13 different effects; not only the ground-breaking Simplifiers, but also sophisticated edge detects and blurs. It will also be shipped with two pre-set Stacks - buZZ.Oil and buZZ.Watercolour - for immediate, inspiring results.

buZZ.Lite 1.0 features a selection of six effects, also contained in the Stack.

Both products have been tested with Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoDraw, CorelDRAW, CorelPHOTOPAINT, Fireworks 3 and all other major image and graphics related software, and both require Mac OS 8.5 or higher and Windows 95 or higher.

Don McCrae, CEO at Segmentis Limited, said, 'A photograph captures every last detail, but art is not about detail, it is about the judicious use of lines and colours. The release of buZZ.Professional and buZZ.Lite is an important contribution to the way in which a digital photograph can be transformed into a work of art. The artist, David Hockney, believes the camera obscura launched the Renaissance painters, now, 600 years later, people can use buZZ.Professional or buZZ.Lite to help them create really wonderful pictures. To quote Hockney, 'the hand is back inside the camera' and right now digital photographs are creating a whole new genre of art forms. '


Segmentis Ltd is a company that has developed and owns a core enabling technology that allows the content of digital images to be managed in a manner that was previously impossible.

The technology, which is rooted in the Sieve Transform, enables an image to be segmented into its component parts, in order that they may be identified, understood, labelled and indexed.

The Sieve is a non-linear adaptive digital signal processor developed by Professor J Andrew Bangham who founded Segmentis in Cambridge, England, in 1990.

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