Sentec brings custom metering solutions to the European market


Sentec, the world leading supplier of smart grid and metering technology, is opening a European office based in Switzerland and has just appointed its first European Sales VP, Rogério Zuim.

The new office will be run by Rogério Zuim who is focusing on bringing Sentec’s custom metering solutions to the European market.

Sentec has built up considerable expertise in smart meter design in the US market, with over 9 million end-points deployed based on Sentec IP. Sentec is now bringing this expertise to Europe, where smart grid deployments are now scaling up, and can benefit from its experience of designing and developing bespoke, future proof meters.

Prior to joining Sentec, Rogério was Head of Europe and Africa Sales for ABB Switzerland Ltd. He has fourteen years experience of selling utility communication solutions in Europe, Latin America and Africa. He has a strong track record of finding and developing long-term partnerships and is familiar with the strict needs and requirements of utilities with regard to availability, reliability and long equipment lifecycle.

Sentec has over a decade’s experience of helping both meter manufacturers and utilities design and develop smart meters. Sentec works with its partners to develop specific electricity, gas and water meters that suit their individual requirements, using modern and low cost, high volume manufacturing techniques. Examples of partnerships include bringing Sentec’s world class metrology expertise to the UK market in a smart electricity meter developed with National Grid subsidiary OnStream, and Aquiba, a joint venture with Japanese manufacturer Takahata Precision, which recently launched ground-breaking, truly smart water meters into the water-scarce Australian market.

Mark England, Sentec’s CEO, said “This is an important strategic move for Sentec. The new Swiss office will help us establish a greater presence in the European market. We believe that Sentec’s proven expertise from the US and other markets will offer significant advantages in the European smart grid and metering market. We’re confident that Rogério’s connections and experience in the power sector will help us to bring these advantages to a wider range of European customers.”

Rogério Zuim, European Sales VP, said “I’m looking forward to this new challenge and working with European utilities to develop bespoke meters. There is a real need for future proof smart metering technology across Europe. We are seeking to build long-term relationships with utility partners to ensure they get the best smart meter for their requirements, maximise ROI for their rollout and provide a platform for their future smart grids.”

About Sentec
Sentec is the world leading supplier of smart grid and metering technology. We help our partners achieve innovation led growth in energy and water markets.

Working with us, our partners have sold over 9 million meters in markets across the world and have logged over 171 billion service hours. We have been involved in smart meter design for gas, water and electricity for over a decade, working with some of the largest names in the industry.

Building on this, we are now leading the development of outstanding technologies for smart grid applications in the distribution network and for consumers, in areas such as grid monitoring, demand response, micro-generation, energy storage and electric vehicles. Products based on our technologies can be found in markets across the EU and North America.

Based in Cambridge, UK, we are the winners of numerous awards, including 2 Queen’s Awards and Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 growth.


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