Sentec joins PRIME Alliance


Sentec, the smart grid specialist and product development company, announced that it has joined the PRIME Alliance, to further the development of smart meter and smart grid products based on an open standard for power line carrier data.

Mark England, Sentec’s CEO, said: “Sentec has joined the PRIME Alliance to promote the use of a standardised narrowband powerline carrier solution. We look forward to participating in the development of the standard and the many exciting products that a global powerline market can enable.”

The PRIME Alliance is focused on the development of a new open, public and non-proprietary telecom solution for smart meters and the smart grid. The alliance was founded in 2009 by eight members and today includes utilities like EDF and Iberdrola, meter manufacturers, communications and AMI solutions vendors. The alliance provides a forum for the creation of open and standardised SmartGrid products and services to increase demand on a worldwide basis.

Mark continued: “Sentec is rapidly expanding its reach across Europe and recently announced Rogério Zuim to join the company as European Sales VP, based in Switzerland. We are seeing considerable up-scaling in the demand for smart grid deployments and expect this trend to continue as enterprises look for bespoke metering solutions.”

About Sentec
Sentec is the world leading supplier of smart grid and metering technology. We help our partners achieve innovation led growth in energy and water markets.

Working with us, our partners have sold over 9 million meters in markets across the world and have logged over 171 billion service hours. We have been involved in smart meter design for gas, water and electricity for over a decade, working with some of the largest names in the industry.

Building on this, we are now leading the development of outstanding technologies for smart grid applications in the distribution network and for consumers, in areas such as grid monitoring, demand response, micro-generation, energy storage and electric vehicles. Products based on our technologies can be found in markets across the EU and North America.

Based in Cambridge, UK, we are the winners of numerous awards, including two Queen’s Awards and Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 growth.



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