SEO tips to improve your e-commerce site



If you thought attracting customers to your brick-and-mortar store is a challenge, getting customers to find your online store can be even more difficult. With an increasing number of e-commerce websites competing for the attention of shoppers with similar products, you need to make sure that your online store stands out. That’s where SEO comes in.


Nicholas Kalavas, CEO of CFM Group, writes:

Let’s take a look at some very useful tips that could improve your website and subsequently increase sales!

These tips will give your e-commerce site the boost it needs to stay competitive.

Maintain a clean structure
It’s very important to pay attention to both internal and external link building. Use internal links to direct users to the appropriate content and make absolutely sure that there are no broken links. This is truly vital to ensure that Google indexes your site properly. Your structure considerations should also include clean URLs. URLs should be easy to read and relevant to the content they point to; not only do people prefer this but search engines do as well.

Ensure mobile compatibility
The future lies in mobile and all you have to do is look around to see evidence of this. People are on their phones accessing information and using e-commerce like never before. Simply put, if your site isn’t mobile compatible you are missing out on a huge segment of the market. You are also taking a SEO hit as this is something that Google’s algorithm looks for.

Use content marketing strategies
The majority of text for a basic e-commerce website might only come from an About us page and product descriptions. This often isn’t enough information to rank high in Google search results or pull high volumes of traffic. Don’t fear though, a simple blog will allow your site to take advantage of content marketing principles which will give your site a great SEO boost.

Pay special attention to product descriptions
Your product descriptions are really the core of your e-commerce site and special attention should be focused here. All of your product descriptions should be unique even if products are very similar. Google doesn’t like duplicate entries and unique descriptions also allow more opportunities to insert important keywords and keyword phrases. A good product description that ranks high in Google is perfect, as customers can go directly to a product page after a search and make a purchase.

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