Sepura showcases Europe’s leading critical communications solution at PMR Expo

Policewoman wearing safety gear and hand-held mobile devices from Sepura

What drives organisations with critical communications requirements to invest in new technology?

It is likely that increased staff safety, improved performance and enhanced capability would be near the top of any organisation’s reasons.

Users of Sepura’s SC Series radios benefit from extended operational range and outstanding audio, meaning their users are better connected to the control room. Our flexible deployment options enable communications to be maintained even in emergency situations, whilst forces can implement intelligent applications to better manage assets or enhance operations.

Sepura will be exhibiting at PMR Expo in Cologne with partner Selectric, supplier of our powerful solutions onto the BD-BOS network. See for yourself why leading public safety organisations – including The Metropolitan Police Service, German State Police, Dutch National Police, Swedish Police and many others – are adopting the SC Series TETRA terminals to power their future communications.

Image:  Justifying the recent IHS report that predicted strong future growth for TETRA in European Public Safety, multiple forces have recently invested in Sepura’s hand-portable and mobile devices to power their future communications.


Sepura is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of digital radio products, systems and applications developed specifically for business and mission critical communications. We are the market leader in the largest national TETRA markets in Germany and the UK and we are trusted by over 2 million users worldwide to provide their critical communications solutions.

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