Siemens and geo enable smart metering in multi-dwelling buildings



Siemens, in partnership with Green Energy Options (geo), have launched an innovative solution to deploying smart meters in multi-dwelling and high-rise buildings. Buildings can now be ‘smart enabled’ to support the deployment of smart meters without modification.

Siemens in partnership with Green Energy Options (geo) launched a pioneering solution for the deployment of Smart Meters in Multi-Dwelling Buildings, also known as Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), at European Utility Week in Amsterdam this week.

According to publicly available figures, a significant proportion of those living in urban areas across Europe are located in multi-dwelling units. These buildings, often high-rise, present a challenge for the deployment of smart energy meters, which require an appropriate communications infrastructure to enable communication between components, which may include electricity meters, gas meters, communication hubs, in-home displays and other devices. Most commonly, meters are not located in the apartment but are often found in communal areas, sometimes with limited access and space, but may also be spread around the building.

Working with key development partners, Siemens and geo have solved the problem with a unique ‘shared infrastructure’ solution, utilizing a Broadband-over-Powerline (BPL) backbone integrated with wireless radio technology that enables standard smart meters to be installed, commissioned and connected to a Wide Area Network (WAN) gateway. The solution is scheduled to go into field trials in the United Kingdom in early 2014, but both Siemens and geo believe that smart metering deployments in a number of European countries may also benefit from such a shared infrastructure solution.

Without such a solution, energy suppliers may be forced to install additional infrastructure and make additional engineering visits, representing poor value for money and generating unnecessary consumer and landlord disruption.

Jon Turner, Head of Business Development at Siemens Metering, Communications and Services, said: “Developing an effective, secure solution to address smart metering in high-rise properties is both necessary and urgent across all energy markets in Europe.  The scale of the challenge in Europe is polarized further due to a higher percentage of the population living in apartments.  This, for Siemens, presents a significant opportunity to use the knowledge we’ve gained through our trials in the UK, to bring this proven solution to new markets and give European consumers equal access to the energy and cost efficiencies offered by smart meters.

“The Siemens smart metering solution for high-rise buildings promotes a shared infrastructure model but also allows the flexibility to operate in a single supplier or supplier-by-supplier environment.  It can be adapted in terms of functionality, scalability and performance to work successfully across a number of countries, which is why we’re delighted to be showcasing our solution at European Utility Week, in Amsterdam.”

Patrick Caiger-Smith, Chief Executive Officer at geo, said: "The rollout of smart metering systems across Europe will be a considerable engineering challenge and requires innovative and cost-effective solutions. Consumers in multi-dwelling units make up a sizeable proportion of the total population but could be denied the benefits of smart metering unless these challenges can be overcome. geo is delighted to be working with Siemens to provide such a solution."


The solution was shown on the geo stand, B52, at European Utility Week in Amsterdam.

The solution currently utilizes the ZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP) wireless radio protocol at 2.4GHz but could be modified to work with other protocols or frequencies to meet deployment requirements.

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