Sir Roy Calne exhibits at YTKO in support of children's liver charity


6 Sept 2001- Cambridge.

The latest exhibition in YTKO's Long Window Gallery displays sculptures by Professor Sir Roy Calne. An established Cambridge artist and advocate of the creative arts, Professor Calne is best known as a pioneer of liver and kidney transplant techniques, and is now researching a new method for treating diabetes.

Sculptures are available to view or buy at YTKO until 23rd September. All profits from sales of the professor's work contribute to the Children's Liver Transplant Trust, a University of Cambridge charity set up by Professor Calne to support research and transplant operations. Donations may also be made to the Trust via YTKO.


For further information, please contact:

Diane Aston-James

Tel: +44 (0) 1223 461400


Notes to editors:

YTKO's marketing experts specialise in generating revenue for a wide range of local and international clients. Known for its innovative solutions, YTKO supports the thriving Cambridge artistic community by sponsoring 24-hour-a-day exhibitions in its Long Window Gallery in Portugal Place.

YTKO's clients include Prudential, ServiceTec, Maxtor, Transversal and Analog Devices.

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