Slump sees reputations slip


The tech sector's big names have taken a bashing, sliding down popularity league tables following the hi-tech slump.

The RQ Gold reputation rankings reveal all the firms to have slipped places for two years running are from the technology sector - Lucent, AT&T, Gateway, Xerox, Amazon, and Yahoo.

Microsoft moves from ninth to second place, behind pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson and ahead of Coca-Cola. Intel moves up one place to fourth, with Hewlett-Packard, Sony and IBM also in the top ten.

'The general public is remarkably good at sensing what companies are up to,' said Charles Fombrun, of the Reputation Institute.

'Microsoft earned good marks from the public for carrying out a smooth leadership transition from Gates to Ballmer and for emerging relatively unscathed from the government's antitrust efforts.'

The biggest tech faller was Lucent, down 15 places.

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