Smashtag “pence per trip” temperature monitoring

courier driver in his van

Smashtag has launched the latest version of its wireless temperature logger, targeted at short multiple trip users and automated data capture applications such as containers arriving into warehouses. The new logger is constantly broadcasting its signal to devices so data can be downloaded easier and at any time via the app. The data is sent up to the cloud where it can be accessed by any authorised user.

As the product uses alkaline not lithium batteries to meet all worldwide shipping requirements, the company has had to work hard to ensure battery life is preserved. Tests show the operating life with the new version is more than 5 months and the loggers are still going! This means that users who wish to utilise the logger on multiple short journeys throughout its life can accurately monitor temperatures throughout journeys for a few pence per trip. So users can guarantee that their frozen food or hot pizza deliveries meet the customers’ expectations!

Also for container shipments, the data can be gathered at several locations throughout the journey by anyone with a smart device. For example: on exit from the farm, arrival at the port, onboard the carrier, on the tarmac, at the warehouse on arrival etc so that everyone in the logistics chain can be certain that they have fulfilled their responsibility. If errors occur, decisions can be taken on future actions to safeguard the contents or reduce shipping costs.

The Smashtag temperature logger has been designed for the food industry to monitor cold or hot food temperatures during transit. It combines low cost with reliability and the Bluetooth connectivity ensures easy operation for data collection and review by anyone with a phone or tablet who is authorised.

Customers range from cold chain supply companies, shipping agents, food delivery companies and producers of fruit, vegetables and other perishable products. The logger can be used by anyone who wishes to monitor temperatures in the range -30C to +70C and it is enclosed in an IP68 package. Ninety percent of the product can be easily recycled if the loggers are returned and Smashtag offers a cash-back arrangement on the recycled value to customers.

“We’ve been working hard with customers to understand how they want to use the product and in what situations. Successful product development requires getting something into users’ hands and learning how they actually use it, rather than how we think they’re going to use it and our new product version is the result of us doing exactly that.” says Matt Sims, MD of Smashtag.

The product is available directly from and enquiries for volume users or specialist applications should be directed to Matt Sims at Smashtag.


Smashtag designs and manufactures temperature loggers for use in the cold chain industry and for monitoring other temperature sensitive products and environments.

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