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Social media has always been a core part of the Sookio offering, focusing on training, consultancy and managing social media updates. This year Sookio has added a complementary service for large enterprises: social media listening.


Could your business benefit from social listening?

For large enterprises, particularly those who are public-facing organisations in retail, telecoms, software, financial services and the public sector, social listening is an incredible opportunity to get essential, unfiltered feedback from the people using your product or service.

Why use social listening? Firstly, it enables you to better understand your audience by monitoring their conversations, what they're sharing and generally consuming online. In a world where businesses need to produce higher-quality content to stay above the competition, understanding your audience's behaviour across online platforms can help your business to be seen and heard.

Secondly, social data can help in various stages of the product development (and improvement) cycle, providing quicker, detailed feedback at scale. It can help with both feedback on existing products and idea generation for new ones.

Additionally, if you’re looking for feedback on a current product, a survey can only give surface answers to questions you’ve come up with yourself. With social data, the unfiltered nature of organic conversations means there can be insights lurking which you hadn’t thought of asking about. You can't control what people are saying on Twitter! But this is a good thing, because you may be able to spot an opportunity to develop a product to suit your customers' needs.

Social listening is beneficial for smaller startup businesses too, as it can dish the dirt on how an audience or intended audience really feels, without them feeling under pressure to offer a particular answer. Social listening is the difference between asking a question and eavesdropping on a conversation.

Are you ready to reap the rewards of social listening? Could your brand benefit from putting a digital ear to the door of public opinion? Talk to Sookio about its brand new offering today.


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