Spark's Electric Vehicle innovation highlighted by UK Government


Following the launch of the Road to Zero emissions strategy, Spark's AI-based journey prediction system, which helps increase electric vehicle uptake, has been featured on the Government's Industrial Strategy blog

How artificial intelligence is helping us get on the Road to Zero

Justin Ott, Chief Executive Officer of Spark writes:

The Industrial Strategy offers a compelling framework for the future.

At Spark, we’re particularly excited by the focus on the Grand Challenges, as they link closely to our AI-based journey prediction solution for electric vehicles (EVs).

Essentially our technology spans the Grand Challenges set for AI and the data economy and the Future of Mobility (and even Clean Growth!).

In particular we’re committed to the concept of moving to a zero emission future on our roads.

To achieve this it is vital to give consumers and businesses confidence that shifting from vehicles powered by petrol and diesel to EVs will be a seamless process, and that they’ll not have to significantly modify their behaviour or sacrifice productivity when going green.

'Range anxiety'

Currently one of the key factors holding back EV adoption is range anxiety – fear that drivers and fleets will not be able to complete their journeys without running out of power. As well as being a worry for the motorist, this has a direct impact on business adoption....

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Maximising utilisation for electric vehicles

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