Speaking a thousand words: why imagery can benefit a company’s marketing



Learn how you can make digital content touch the heart of your readers using Imagery! It's a very important element within a company's marketing - let Local Buzz Marketing convince you why...

Local Buzz Marketing writes:

Whether you are reading a blog, a story, webpage or any other type of content, there isn’t much of an opportunity to touch, feel, taste or smell something, making digital content quite difficult to engage with.  When you include imagery, however, sight becomes a more vulnerable and intrigued sense, and THIS is why it’s essential to include imagery in your marketing strategy.

Consider your current situation with imagery using - are you using it enough? At all? Below are five key benefits of implementing imagery into your digital marketing strategy. 

1. Images Showcase Your Brand Visually

If you haven’t got any efficient or relevant imagery to match the content, this is the perfect opportunity for some graphic design! For the time being, produce something eye-catching that will impact your brand positively. Doing this, with the combination of top-quality content, will show immediate professionalism and creativity towards your brand, all because of one graphic!

2. Encourage Imagination

It doesn’t matter what topic you choose to write about, adding the appropriate images will help tell the story and encourage imagination. Furthermore, it’s very important that your audience engages in some sort of emotion with your content, otherwise, it’s highly unlikely that they take the next step with you. Blogging and writing other types of content is the perfect way to produce emotion, but the imagery is the exact thing that triggers the imagination! 

In addition to this, with the visuals separating the text, it gives the reader a chance to pause and imagine a suitable scenario within the text (if possible), thus emotionally encouraging readers to become a customer.

3. Separate Text

Reading can get boring, particularly if it is a large piece of text. On the other hand, with shorter pieces of text, it can look like there isn’t enough information. By implementing imagery into your content, it can assist in separating the text for the reader, which can benefit both the large blogs and small ones. Additionally, the separation of large blogs, using imagery, allows breathing space for a reader, so they are able to process all of the information they are being given whilst enjoying a satisfying visual. With shorter blogs, it helps create a clever illusion that the blog is actually larger than it is, making it look more intriguing to a reader. 

As a result of this, our third benefit of using imagery when marketing is it separates the text, making it look bigger (and more appealing) and creating a breathing space, preventing an overload of information being piled onto the reader.

4. Good Quality Photos Show Professionalism

We mentioned this slightly in our first point, but it just wasn’t enough! Top-quality and focused images will make your page look professional to the max. Especially if you are a small business, trying to stand out from the crowd (and other competitors) can be particularly difficult, so finding high-quality imagery and implementing them into your content can really improve the digital impression of a reader. 

5. Help SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a VERY important and effective element in Digital Marketing. If you didn’t already know, it is the process of completing minor tasks to improve the quality and quantity of traffic that enters your site and more importantly, your search engine ranking. Did you know that lately, more and more people and using image searches to help them find products, complete a task or answer their query? That’s why, by including appropriate imagery and optimising them correctly, your images can become an effective part of your SEO strategy.

So, how does it work? High-quality Imagery can improve your SEO by including keywords in its alt tags and file names, increase the time a user spends on your page and improve shareability! 

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