Speech recognition yet to impress


Less than four out of ten mobile users prefer automated speech recognition systems over touch-tone when using their phones.

And 16 per cent - especially young people - still prefer touch tone options over speech.

In a new report, Jupiter analysts 'strongly advise' companies not to feel forced into replacing current touch-tone systems with speech technologies. But legislation that outlaws mobiles in cars unless hands-free sets are used means many businesses - such as hotel chains, airlines, and ticket ordering systems - will have to offer alternatives to touch tone.

'With less than 40 per cent of wireless phone users expressing a preference for using speech to complete tasks via a cellular phone, enterprises should not necessarily replace touch-tone systems entirely,' Jupiter's Seamus McAteer said.

He added: 'Many companies had hoped to extend the relevance of speech technologies beyond telephony and make it a platform for internet services. Now, it's time to think again. Text-to-speech technology is not suited for accessing documents such as e-mail, and will not entirely replace a reliance on recorded prompts and responses.'

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