Speechmatics and Neuraswitch deliver CRM solution to intelligently understand conversations


Speechmatics announces its partnership with leading customer experience platform provider Neuraswitch. The Salesforce-integrated platform captures calls, transcribes them in real-time using Speechmatics’ technology, and provides emotional analytics for any situation to enhance customer satisfaction.

With decades of experience working with call centres, Neuraswitch developed the ConnexionsCX platform after witnessing customers’ changing requirements, and the struggle businesses faced in developing a cohesive solution that delivers a quality experience for them. It now works with customers across industries, such as healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and customer support, to deliver more efficient and helpful interactions with customers.

Whether it’s live feedback from a caller thanks to intelligent routing, delivering a summary report with emotions and keywords that leads to more meaningful conversations, or a call centre manager concerned with the bottom line who requires a snapshot of the data, the flexible, secure transcription solution underpins the ability to understand conversations and react instantly.

Brian Matthews, CEO of Neuraswitch, comments: “We are ecstatic to partner with Speechmatics as they bring additional functionality to ConnexionsCX and have greatly improved the speed at which we can now transcribe real-time calls.  Sentiment analysis is just one component of ConnexionsCX and by partnering with Speechmatics, we are able to add transcription services and cross-reference sentiment with transcription, further improving the call analysis accuracy globally.”

Ian Firth, VP Products at Speechmatics, said “Working with Neuraswitch felt like a natural progression for Speechmatics’ technology. Contact centre platforms have the ability to utilise speech recognition technology to enhance the customer experience offering. Whilst the Neuraswitch solution is designed to ultimately enhance the customer experience, in turn, it offers agents an easy-to-use interface directly within Salesforce. Our industry-leading language accuracy is hugely important to the globalisation of the Neuraswitch technology and I’m excited to see how the company grows as a result.”

Speechmatics will be exhibiting with Neuraswitch and demonstrating the real-time transcription technology and ConnexionsCX at Enterprise Connect, March 18-21 2019 (Orlando, Florida) on stand 736.


About Speechmatics

With the voice revolution here, Speechmatics has used its decades of machine learning and research expertise to develop Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), available in private or public clouds and securely on-premises. The technology can be used for real-time or pre-recorded audio and video files, pushing the boundaries of speech recognition innovation and industry-leading in language coverage.

We’re continually developing new technology that can help customers across a variety of industries to accurately understand and transcribe spoken words, from call centres and financial enterprises to broadcast providers and beyond. For more information, please visit https://www.speechmatics.com/.

About Neuraswitch

Neuraswitch was founded by a team of call centre professionals who wanted to redefine the customer experience by creating a unique cloud contact centre solution with Artificial Intelligence built right into the platform. Neuraswitch is the creator of ConnexionsCX, a next-generation customer experience platform that leverages the power of human emotions and behavioral analytics to provide unique customer experiences. For more information, please visit www.neuraswitch.com.


Speechmatics is a world-beating authority in Machine Learning and AI, applying the latest research to the problem of understanding speech.