St Mary's pupils inspired by 'Festival of Ideas'

St Mary's pupils enjoy the Festival of Ideas

The Junior School Festival of Ideas 2020 inspired pupils at St Mary's School, Cambridge, with talks including 'the future of business' by Dr Ennaceur, 'the future of medicine' by Dr Rona Smith, as well as a talk by Dr Jay on 'the future of medical trials'.

The festival takes inspiration from the university's event of the same name; just as they hope to provide thought-provoking events, the aim for the festival is to broaden the minds of St Mary's pupils, encouraging them to think outside the box, be creative and get an insight into a range of careers, from business to medicine. Previous years have seen talks on creative writing, exploration and interior design inspire pupils.

Mr Matthew O’Reilly, Head of Juniors at St Mary's School, Cambridge, commented: “Although the festival took place online rather than in person this year, it was still a great opportunity for our pupils to be inspired by our fantastic speakers. We aim to encourage our girls to be creative thinkers, and this event always sparks their imaginations.”


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