'Stars in Their Eyes' live final chooses Pixel Power


'Stars in Their Eyes', the ITV prime-time entertainment show, used powerful Graphite system for its national live grand final on Saturday 2 December.

Broadcast from Granada Television Studios, Manchester, Pixel Power's advanced Graphite character generator and graphics system with uncompressed clip playout, was used to play in animated straps, a virtual phone board and a spectacular results sequence for the live show.

Granada's requirements were for a system that could easily integrate with its in-house Flame, which was used to create the special effects. These were then digitised with keys and stored within Graphite as 4:2:2:4, ready for live playout on demand.

Graphite also provided the requisite independent text layers, frame/field accurate video duration and triggering control, video transitions and 2D effects.

'Because the show was going out live it was essential that we had an integrated and reliable system in place - which is why we chose Graphite' said Granada's Graphic Design Creative Director Paul Kearton. 'Every year we try to push the creative boundaries and design more spectacular sequences. As the show is totally live, this has major implications on how we get the graphics to air.

'Graphite's complete integrated tool set of character generator, still store, paint, animation and uncompressed clip playout made it much quicker and easier to put these key sequences together. Being an integrated system, all the worries about various pieces of equipment being linked together in a live situation are removed. It makes everyone's life much less stressed.'

Once the votes had been gathered and counted from the telephone and Internet polls they were entered into the templates on Graphite and played out under GPI control.

Richard Milns, Pixel Powers Commercial Director, commented, 'We are delighted that Granada chose Graphite for this prestigious programme. It's exactly the kind of application the system was designed for and we are pleased that it contributed to the success of the show.'

About Graphite

Graphite is an advanced CG, stills store, paint and animation system with real time clip playout. Producing multi-layered animated broadcast graphics, Graphite combines a suite of creative tools and an automated on-air playout capability. The system is aimed at news and sports applications where fast design-to-air time is required with instant updating of late-breaking information.

About Pixel Power

Established in 1987, Pixel Power is dedicated to providing broadcasters and facilities with powerful graphics and character generator products. Today with a flexible, professional range of award-winning products, Pixel Power has over 500 customers world-wide.

In the digital age, where scalability, speed and reliability are prime concerns they are constantly developing powerful solutions which come in an easily integrated, cost effective package.

Pixel Power Ltd has its corporate headquarters in Cambridge, UK with a wholly owned US subsidiary Pixel Power Inc, based in Boca Raton, Florida. Pixel Power maintains its global presence through a world-wide network of distributors, specially selected to provide the very best advice and local customer support.

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