Start up Incubator Greenfield Ventures looks to expand further


Investment Required

Due to the growth and the increase of the quality of the start up marketplace, Greenfield Ventures is looking to expand further our operations throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

We believe that the opportunity to grow the equity portfolio to one hundred companies over the next five years is achievable.


So far we have achieved equities in twenty young Software and Internet companies of which, three are currently going through the motions of achieving IPO`s on Nasdaq, others are on track to achieve OFEX listings.

Rexonline (RXN) has achieved a floatation on AIM in the UK and is growing quickly.

We became the first European Incubator to nurture young technology companies with a complete service covering the corporate cycle, two and a half years ago.

OFEX and AIM are UK stock markets.


We are looking for equity investors who see the incredible potential in our vision and new approach. We would like to share in the ongoing wealth creation being developed for Greenfield Ventures and its clients.

We require up to $3m for this round of financing, therefore only experienced investors will be considered.

Greenfield Ventures Ltd will be looking to achieve an IPO or a Trade Sale.

Press Release 30th of July 1999,


In the event that you are interested in talking with Tim Taylor to discuss our business plan, please do not hesitate to contact him at:

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