Students! How can you use social media to showcase your creativity?


Sookio joined forces with Anglia Ruskin University to set a real-world social media challenge to students on the BA Illustration and Animation course. Which campaigns made the biggest impact?

Sookio writes:

What advice can we share with those of you entering the commercial world beyond academia?

About the project: Taking place over three weeks, the idea was to develop a social media campaign around a creative concept and generate as much engagement as possible.

The brief was very broad - make it ‘positive’ - and time was short!

What we did: A core team from Sookio (Director Sue Keogh, Chief Copywriter Rory Stobo and Animator Alex Mallinson) kickstarted the whole thing with a presentation about using social media to showcase your work to a whole new audience.

The idea was to stimulate ideas and share the different techniques we use to help content spread.

We then offered constructive feedback during the campaigns to help the 12 groups refine their ideas still further, and then judged the work at the end of the process.

We decided to introduce a competitive element by awarding winners for Best Creative Concept, Initial Engagement, and Long-Term Potential.

We felt the last one was important because social media can sometimes be a slow burn; success doesn’t always happen overnight and sometimes it takes time for an idea gather momentum as you explore the theme more and more.

Think: McFadden’s Cold War or Alex’s own Super Depressed web comic.

So, who impressed us the most?

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