Success Tip: How to get the job you want


This week a local newspaper rang Madeleine Morgan of Growu to find out her top tips for getting the job you want. She explains why they were so curious...

Madeleine writes:

Why were they curious?

Because the number one New Year resolution among Cambridge residents is to get a more rewarding job or career in 2015.

Our conversation got me thinking about how get the job you want, whether it’s a career opportunity, a job interview, a sales meeting or a business opportunity.

In my experience, many people sabotage their chances of getting the sale or the job they want by making a big, common mistake that’s easy to put right.

How to Get the Job You Want

Have you got:

  • A job application to write?
  • A job interview to attend?
  • A sales presentation to make?
  • A proposal to write?
  • A potential client to meet?
  • A new member of your team to recruit?

It’s important to remember that the person who is going to decide whether you get an interview, a job or the sale is thinking one main thing: “Will this person or their service or product benefit this company…or benefit me…in the future? And…will they do that better than their competition or fellow applicants can?”

Their attention is on themselves and what future benefits they will enjoy. In other words, what’s in it for them?

The mistake many job seekers, talent seekers and sales seekers make is that they focus on the past and they focus on themselves when they are trying to get the job they want.

For instance:

  • Job seekers often write CVs which are full of their past achievementsrather than how those achievements will benefit the employer’s future


  • The business owner/salesperson’s sales pitch will be full of what they’ve done in the past and the fact that they were founded 100 years ago, rather than how the service or product will benefit the customer’s future.

It’s a very human thing to do as we often feel anxious to get the job we want and so our attention is on us rather than the other the person who is buying or choosing.

How can you put this right and make sure you get the job you want?

  • Find out what future benefits the potential employer, employee or customer is looking for
  • Make sure that your proposal, CV, sales presentation, job advert or interview presentation demonstrates how you will deliver those benefits
  • Make sure you demonstrate that right from the start, e.g.
    • In the title of your sales presentation or proposal
    • In the opening words of your sales meeting
    • In the covering letter and opening paragraph of your CV
  • A useful phrase to introduce how what you’ve said will benefit the buyer or chooser is, ‘And that means…’

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