SyndicateRoom calls on investors to help curb gun crime


Angel equity company SyndicateRoom is inviting investors to back powerful new weapons screening technology that can detect if someone is concealing a gun, knife, bomb or improvised explosive device – including 3D printed guns – from a safe distance.


UK-based Radio Physics Solutions aims to make the world a safer place by curbing gun crime and terror threats with its innovative weapons detection systems and software.

Clive Robinson of the US National Ballistics Intelligence Service describes the Radio Physics Solutions system as: “The first viable and operational standoff detector we have seen."

Radio Physics Solutions, currently valued at almost £8m, aims to raise £500,000 for an equity stake of 5.9%. With shares priced at £24 each, the offer is open to anyone for a minimum £1000 investment. The company predicts an ultimate exit value that could deliver a robust return on investment.

The investment will enable Radio Physics Solutions to accelerate growth in the rapidly expanding security sector, specifically the threat detection market, which was valued at £2.5 billion in 2014. With an order book exceeding £650,000 company revenues are expected to rise significantly.

Radio Physics Solutions is already delivering products to early adopters in parts of the world that face the most urgent security challenges. It is also working with multiple US government agencies and expects to secure Department of Defense funding to help with further military-grade product development.

Radio Physics Solutions’ intellectual property and competitive advantages are protected by five patent families. Building on this, the company also has a strong research-led pipeline of products that will meet growing demand from government defence departments, law enforcement agencies and private security companies.

The investor leading this round is Enrique Posner, an experienced technology entrepreneur. He said: “I look for companies that are trying to bring to market a product that requires considerable scientific accomplishment, strong patent protection, good management, trustworthiness and a truly differentiated product. The trend towards enhanced security needs will grow substantially and Radio Physics Solutions has a unique product offering that is sorely needed in the security market.”

More than 75% of the funds have already been secured. This round closes at midnight on Sunday 19th July.

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About Radio Physics Solutions

Radio Physics Solutions has developed the world’s only concealed weapons detection device that offers a range of key technical advantages over conventional security systems:

  • Reliably proven to identify knives, guns and person-borne improvised explosive devices – (PBIEDs) – without image interpretation
  • The only detector proven to detect concealed composite weaponry, including 3D printed firearms
  • The most accurate threat alert to warrant a legitimate stop and search
  • The only handheld device to enable rapid screening capability for metallic and non-metallic objects
  • The only standoff system that does not require controlled environments for effective screening, ie it works both indoors and outdoors and in extreme heat
  • The only detector that can provide the advantages of airport technology at a safe, stand-off distance.

Investment terms

All investors in Radio Physics Solutions will receive the same class of shares as the lead investors, carrying equal rights to vote and participate in dividends and any return of capital. Investors can also benefit from EIS eligibility, plus a range of standard SyndicateRoom protections including pre-emption rights on the issue of new shares and drag-along/tag-along rights.

About SyndicateRoom

Online equity crowdfunding company SyndicateRoom manages a novel investment platform enabling individuals to co-invest in high quality ventures and innovative technologies on the same financial terms as seasoned investors and business angels. Since its first deal went live in 2013, the company has helped raise more than £24m to support UK businesses and start-ups. It has become one of the top three players in the equity crowdfunding market, making it the sector’s fastest growing platform. To date, 80% of companies listing on SyndicateRoom raise the funds they need and 100% are still trading. Successes include the first equity crowdfunded IPO, first equity crowdfunded Hollywood film and the industry’s first ISA investments. The company is based in Cambridge and London.

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