Taking steps towards making our recruitment more inclusive

Liz Hughes, Head of Development, Cambridge Junction says: over recent years, alongside many others, Cambridge Junction has been looking at how it realises its aspirations to be a more inclusive organisation. We want to be increasingly representative of the community we are part of.

Cambridge Junction

Over the last two years we have looked at all our recruitment practices and taken steps to make our processes and procedures more inclusive by removing potential and sometime unseen barriers. We have engaged our team in this work through a cross organisation Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity and Belonging group (EDIB), to ensure that a full range of perspectives are included.

As a result of this work we have, amongst other things, taken the following steps:

  • removed all identifying personal information from applications before shortlisting

  • judged candidates against the person specification for the role, recognising transferable skills and relevant experience drawn from different contexts

  • added information for applicants in a range of formats

  • asked for the phonetic spellings of names, so that we can welcome candidates for interview by getting their names right from the start

  • shared interview questions in advance to the benefit of neurodiverse candidates

We have learnt from and used a tool kit provided by Inc Arts, a cultural organisation working with the sector to improve representation and inclusion, and with Brap, consultants delivering workshops led by trainers with relevant lived experience. Leadership at Cambridge Junction have participated in a year-long EDIB learning project on organisational change hosted by the Arts Marketing Association and we have engaged a locally based human resources consultant to help us refine and finesse our approach.

We do not underestimate the work that needs to be done for us to realise our broader ambitions, but by putting time and resource towards becoming increasingly representative we are beginning to see the impact and benefit of this work.

We are currently recruiting for a box officer manager and are interested in finding someone who has experience of working with customer relationship databases and in sales roles that might have the right transferable skills to join our team, and be part of the change we are trying make.

The deadline is noon on Monday 30 May 2022. More information here  https://www.junction.co.uk/about-us/recruitment

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