Tame your computer - modify at the last minute


In her regular series for Cambridge Network members, software training expert Karen Roem offers handy tips to help you 'Tame your computer'. This week she describes how to edit your document while previewing it (Microsoft Word*)...


As some of you might have noticed, since Word version 2010 you can no longer edit your document from the Print Preview mode, which shows the document as it will appear when it is printed. So every time I spot a mistake (typically when looking at my document in preview mode) I have to press Esc to close the Backstage View (its official - rather weird - term), remember on which page I spotted the error, make my required changes, press CTRL+P to go back to print preview, only to spot something else I want to change a few pages down the line. Aaaaahhh! 

Well, I’m happy to say you can add a Print Preview Edit Mode button on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Here’s how:

  1. Click on the arrow on the right side of the Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Click on More Commands.
  3. In the Choose commands from drop-down list, select All Commands.
  4. Scroll down and double-click on Print Preview Edit Mode.
  5. Click OK.

In future, click the Print Preview Edit Mode button on your Quick Access Toolbar to get the print preview screen like it was in version 2007. Simply uncheck the Magnifier tick box on the Print Preview ribbon to make changes to the document without leaving Print Preview. (See http://www.roem.co.uk/tip_273.php for further details.) The new button will be added at the far end of the toolbar, which might not be the spot where you want it. So if you want, you can move it to your desired location on the Quick Access Toolbar; see http://roem.co.uk/tip_227.php if you need a hand.

By the way, you might also want to remind yourself of the useful Shrink One Page option, available on the classic Print Preview ribbon, which will squeeze those last lines onto a single page. See http://www.roem.co.uk/tip_405.php for details on how to add it as a button on your Quick Access Toolbar.

* Unless stated otherwise, these tips were written for Microsoft Office 2010.

4 July 2016

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