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One of the most valuable ways to learn is from like-minded people who may be experiencing the same challenges as you, albeit in different industries or environments. If peer learning appeals to you, consider joining a new group for senior managers which gets underway this autumn, organised by Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration.


The diversity of the group is one of its key strengths and sharing issues across the group has been remarkably similar regardless of the industry. I thought that issues might be so different within the public sector, but they really are not that much different. I have been pleasantly surprised that my experience in the public sector has been of some use to the group, as well as getting lots from the private sector.
- CC, Addenbrooke’s

A free introductory three-hour taster session for this programme takes place on September 25th 2015, prior to the programme running from October to June. It is likely to consist of a one- or two-day workshop and seven three-hour sessions.

Designed for senior strategic managers across all industries, the programme will help you develop your all-round leadership skills through exchange with senior colleagues in different organisations within a trusted environment.

The programme has been developed to complement –not duplicate – internal management training, and it is practical in approach, with examples of issues and learning brought to the group by you and your fellow delegates.

With facilitation and logistics provided by Cambridge Network’s Learning Collaboration and a fixed membership of around10-12 members per group, this confidential, open and trusting learning environment encourages reflection to reinforce and embed key skills and behaviours.  It enables peers to support and challenge each other and to offer new insights.

Topics are determined by the group but could include:

  • How to lead and motivate key staff in times of uncertainty
  • How to deal with office politics
  • Personal development planning

This programme is designed for senior strategic managers who:

  • Design and implement change
  • Set and manage the performance targets and budgets for their function
  • Have other managers reporting to them
  • Set the strategic direction for their function
  • Work with other senior managers to manage business performance

The full programme costs: £1,050.00+VAT per delegate, with venues hosted by group members in and around Cambridge.

If you would like to attend, or to suggest someone to attend the taster session, please contact Louise Rushworth on 01223 341052  or email:

For more information on Peer Learning Groups click here


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