Tessella acquires Analyticon


Tessella Support Services plc, which has offices in Cambridge and Stevenage, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Stevenage-based Analyticon Limited.

Analyticon is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Tessella.

Tessella is a leading provider of custom software solutions to solve scientific, technical and engineering problems. The company delivers services to clients across the Life Sciences, Energy and Chemical, Environmental, Instrumentation, Manufacturing and Engineering, Transport, Utilities, and Public Sectors. The company's 140 staff, based at offices in the UK, the US and The Netherlands, deliver services including software design and development, IT consultancy, infrastructure support and project management.

Tessella acquires AnalyticonAnalyticon specializes in the design of solutions requiring mathematical modelling, analysis, and creative thinking. Its engineers work by developing a fundamental understanding of a client's problem in a 'big picture' context, such that proposed solutions fit with the needs of the client's business.

Analyticon serves blue-chip companies, government bodies and international organizations, and is especially strong in the Space and Defence and the Life Sciences sectors.

Commenting on the announcement, Kevin Gell, Managing Director of Tessella, said: 'Tessella has a proven 25-year history of excellence, adding value to demanding public sector and commercial R&D based organizations.

'Analyticon's services dovetail exceptionally well with our own, and the expanded group will continue to use its unique blend of scientific, engineering and IT skills to solve the most complex of technical and business problems in a highly cost-effective way.'

Dr Peter Townsend, Commercial Director of Tessella, said: 'We have ambitious plans to expand both organically and through acquisition. Tessella is approximately five times the size of Analyticon, and hence this step is a bold but controlled expansion step for us to take. With great synergies between the skills and experience of both sets of staff we anticipate a busy future.'

Kevin Gell continued: 'Tessella's ability to understand and solve our clients' business and technical problems is based on the scientific and engineering excellence of our staff. The similarity in the backgrounds of the staff of the two companies is remarkable. All of Tessella's revenue earning staff have good numerate degrees, as do Analyticon's.

'There are differences though. Tessella technical staff are primarily software engineers with a numerate background. Analyticon's staff are primarily analysts and modellers who use computing tools as part of their work.

'We see these differences as strengths. We can use Analyticon's skills to develop new solutions for existing Tessella clients, and use Tessella's skills to provide a wider set of services to add value to the businesses of existing Analyticon clients'.

The partnership with Analyticon provides a platform for Tessella's future growth:
  • Strengthening Tessella's position in Life Sciences, one of its key market sectors
  • Greatly increasing its ability to serve Space and Defence clients
  • Enabling the newly enlarged company to offer a wider set of services to a wider set of clients

    Peter Townsend continued: 'Analyticon's Space and Defence activities will enable Tessella to diversify into new areas, whilst their work in Pharmaceuticals allows both companies to consolidate and expand the range of services offered. I look forward with confidence to a bright future serving the needs of an expanded list of world-class clients.'

    Under the terms of the agreement, Analyticon's founder Steve Colling will work with Tessella over the next three months to ensure a smooth and orderly handover. In the immediate term, Kevin Gell will work with Steve Colling, and senior technical staff in the company, to develop new business with both existing and new clients within the Space and Defence sector. Lawrence Hopkins, Associate Director for Tessella's Cambridge and Stevenage offices, will manage new business development activities with Analyticon's Life Sciences clients.

  • 2005 marks Tessella's 25th birthday. Tessella specializes in the application of innovative software solutions to scientific, technical and engineering problems, and its offices within the UK, US and The Netherlands have built long-term relationships with organizations at the leading-edge of the scientific and engineering world. Tessella is vendor independent and recommends 'best of breed' solutions, whether this involves custom software development or off-the-shelf solutions

  • Analyticon was founded in 1994, and the company's excellent organic growth has been fuelled by a proven track record and enviable reputation for designing innovative solutions based on rigorous analytical principles. Analyticon has been responsible for the design, analysis and simulation of on-board attitude determination and control algorithms for a number of the European Space Agency's scientific and telecommunications satellites. The company has designed guidance, navigation, control and tracking systems for aerospace applications and has responsibility for radar tracking algorithms on a major defence system. In pharmaceuticals, Analyticon has developed mathematical models and software to aid the analysis of complex pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics systems. In addition, the company has predicted the performance of medical devices and delivered comprehensive decision analysis and portfolio management software. In the automotive sector, Analyticon has analysed the dynamic performance of sensors and developed software to aid the design of automotive systems.
  • Analyticon will continue to operate from its Stevenage office. Tessella's Stevenage based staff will relocate to Analyticon's offices.


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