TestBoard and Keboola team up to co-host Data Festival at London Tech Week on 15th June


Testboard, together with Keboola and TLA Data tech, have joined forces to co-host a data transformation festival at London Tech Week, the largest tech gathering in Europe, attracting over 55k visitors from more than 90 countries globally.

The one-day event, intended for senior data/analytics personnel, CDOs or heads of marketing, will take place at the Google Digital Academy, 123 Buckingham Palace Road, London on 15th June. During the course of the day, participants will find out from a panel of experts how data-driven processes can streamline workflows, improve knowledge-sharing, thus fostering smarter working practices in data analysis. They will also learn about major stumbling blocks by considering a number of real-world examples and be given tips and advice on how to avoid them in their specific roles.

The speaker line-up includes a senior analyst from Google, Peter Jackson, CDO at Southern Water and co-author of the book "The Chief Data Officer's Playbook", Russ Shaw, Founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates, Marcin Zaba, Head of Marketing at Syndicate Room and Alban Gérôme VP, Data & CX Technology Manager at Barclays plc. A full list of speakers and the conference programme is available here.

Says Colin Smith, Founder of Testboard,; “We’re really excited to co-hosting this interactive event with Keboola and TLA Data Tech; it will provide the perfect opportunity for both data experts and data novices to share their experiences and pool ideas for driving change in their company culture to be more democratised, self-organised and data-focussed.”

From workflow concepts to hands-on hack:

Data Festival London will be followed by a weekend hackathon, where software engineers, developers, testers, project managers, or anyone else tasked with leading a change, can obtain practical experience of working with live data under the guidance of experienced analysts and practitioners.

Says Don Slope, Head of Growth at Keboola: “We wanted a fast-paced event that allowed a lot of people to share their different stories and experiences, opening the forum on what we’ve all been thinking and feeling when it comes to the process of data transformation. A genuine opportunity to draw confidence, removing conflict and discovering which of the varied approaches could work for the people and our businesses.”

Tickets for both the festival and hackathon are available here

About Testboard

TestBoard are passionate proponents of a data-fuelled operating model for businesses and of the tangible value in data science and analytics teams. The company believes that businesses who are prepared to elevate the role of analytics and data science within their organisation are the leaders of the future.

TestBoard’s analysis management platform is designed to support this operating model, enabling data analysts to prioritise the most valuable analytics projects with a single scoring system and increase productivity by addressing the most important business problems in the most efficient and effective way.

About Keboola

Keboola simplifies data integration, analytics & management by providing a single SaaS platform to bridge the gap between data sources and data consumption tools. It allows clients to focus where it matters, eliminating mundane operations and maximising impact by leveraging available skills and resources. This drastically reduces time to market, as well as the comfort and capabilities for data products that internally-built architectures can’t deliver.

About  TLA Data tech

TLA DataTech is the data focused arm of Tech London Advocates - an unrivalled collection of tech leaders, experts and investors. More than 5,000 Advocates champion, connect and support London’s technology sector, and they represent the most influential independent, private sector group in London.

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