TGAC workshop aims to optimise user experience


A User Experience (UX) Design Workshop recently organised by The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) explored various aspects of UX, equipping attendees with the knowledge required to enhance UX in their own projects.


The two-day workshop began with an introduction to core principles of UX, inviting attendees to apply what they had learnt in a practical project looking at how people travel to and from work at TGAC.

As a group, the participants explored the issues that people experience during this daily commute and used various established design techniques to generate solutions. Through this project, as well as a series of lectures, the group gained an understanding of how to effectively design or redesign a service, application, tool or website.

The workshop also included an evening ‘un-seminar’ on UX for CVs (Curriculum Vitae). As a document that people usually produce themselves, the CV was a great focus for exploring UX with a diverse group of participants. This informal session allowed attendees to share their experiences while learning some key visual design principles to enhance their own CVs.

Workshop Instructor, Francis Rowland, Lead UX designer & Web Developer at EMBL-EBI, said: “I was really pleased with how enthusiastically participants picked up and ran with these new concepts and techniques. I particularly enjoyed the questions and the discussion around the topics, too. I’d love to hear how people begin to apply UX design principles to their work.”

Scientific Organiser Aidan Budd, said: "Francis did a great job again! He led a similar workshop at EMBL in Heidelberg last year, as part of our Bio-IT community-building project for bioinformaticians at the lab. I find it great the way events like this work in so many different ways; participants learn about UX from an expert, get inspired to try it themselves, network with other people having similar interests, and have fun. We're very grateful to TGAC for their help and support to run the workshop a second time."

Head of 361o Division (Scientific Training, Education and Learning) Vicky Schneider, added: “It was brilliant to finally bring Aidan Budd and his colleagues involved in the launching and successful running of the Heidelberg Hub Bioinformatics, which I believe would be a great model to adopt locally and develop as a Norwich Hub for Bioinformatics.

“They often run un-seminar style sessions which ensure wider participation and interaction from all attendees with the agenda being drawn by the community. As part of the Best Practice and e-Science team in the 361o Division, the UX workshop launches a series of events and projects we will be running in this area, so we welcome the local community to get in touch and get involved with our future projects in UX.”

To get involved in similar events, please contact Vicky Schneider in the 361 Division at TGAC.


For more information, please contact:

Hayley London
Marketing & Communications Officer, The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC)
T: +44 (0) 1603 450107



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