Thank GC it's Friday!


Each Friday, a member of Cambridge-based software consultancy Green Custard presents their thoughts to the rest of the team. Keen to share these insights further, they've now made these presentations available to all...

The Green Custard team is always keen to learn, spark discussion, and share knowledge. So, at the request of their team members, the Green Custard Friday Talks were born!

Each week they devote dedicated time in the office to take turns to explore a new subject or speak about a passion. They've been running these for a year now and have decided to share them wider, making this knowledge available to all.

The topics cover a whole range of areas ...

Software focused - such as Machine Learning, Chaos Engineering, Safety-Critical Software, Object-Oriented Programming, Scrum Master, and GraphQL

Interest areas - including Gamification to Increase Productivity, Product Onboarding, Ray Tracing, and Technology in Games 

Business related and events they've attended - such as Office Wellbeing, Personality Testing for Recruitment, and The UX Conference

... and of course, the celebrated Extreme Sheepdog Trials!

All of the past year's presentations are available for you to view on slideshare and they'll be adding more each week: 

Happy reading!


Software and Business Strategy Consultancy

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