'The Confident Manager' is now available as an e-book


'The Confident Manager' has been receiving great reviews from readers since its publication in October 2008. Having just been released as an e-book, you can now read and learn from your favourite management story on your reader.

The Confident Manager has finally come out as an e-book.

One Amazon reader reviews the book and says: 

"This book was recommended to me when I was applying for managerial jobs following a relocation. It helped me revisit and focus on skills I had - but had forgotten about! The format and style is unstressful and makes an easy read of what could be quite taxing subject matter.I strongly recommend this for new or existing managers who want to develop or refresh their practice."

A client comments:  "It seems as if it was written just for me, thank you."

If you would like multiple copies of the book for your staff, please contact kate direct at kate@aspire-2.com or individual copies can be purchased online through all good retailers.

Happy reading :)


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