The importance of note-taking


Think about any reasons you might have for taking notes in everyday life, and any occasions when you do so. It’s a skill we all use, to some extent, as part of organising daily life and routines, recording useful information, and identifying key points within it.

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Nicholas from CFM Group writes:

As an entrepreneur, you will need to develop this skill for use in specific contexts,whether that be for meeting, phone conversations or even training your employees. It’s important to be pro-active about this, so we have compiled a brief list of reasons below as to why the skill of note taking is crucial to any business.

Throughout my years in Business, I have – interestingly – noticed that hardly any of my fellow counterparts took notes. Sometimes, I also noticed several colleagues see me take notes and then also resumed to write some scribbles down on the notepad in front of them. It is also quite common knowledge that men are much less likely to take notes than women in the workplace.

As Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic once noted in a LinkedIn interview “Back in our meeting, conversation came around to the subject of women being more likely to be note takers in meetings, because there is an unfair expectation on them to do support work. In other words as a society we expect the office housework to fall to a woman.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why taking notes should become a habitual pattern to all entrepreneurs no matter their gender, or level of authority.

Assists memory

It is a well known fact that summing things up briefly, helps long term memory. As a business owner you are likely to have many things on your mind, future plans, overheads, marketing, staff and god only knows what else. A brief note to yourself can only be of help. In addition, pattern notes can be more memorable visually and hence create a memory that sits in your head until seen again and re-invigorated.

Helps Comprehension

If notes are taken carefully  and segmented according to the relevant subject matter, it then makes it much easier to focus on selecting the info to note as well as organising it.

Provides a useful record

Notes will always provide a useful record of important points for future use and also remind you where the information was sourced and hence how accurate and reliable it is.

Provides a platform for writing

Notes – last but not least – also provide a very useful starting point to writing to any project. They assist in planning your work as you are able to lay out the information you have and also generates a more natural flow of ideas.


  • Make tips in a format that suits you
  • Be brief and clear
  • Tips needs to be resourceful
  • Should link to previous knowledge and information on the subject
  • Be legible, but only for you
  • Take note of dates, names, addresses, etc that may come in handy at a later stage
  • File them appropriately for future use
  • Make sure they are stored somewhere with easy and shareable (if needs be) access (cloud storage)

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