The Institute of Directors partners with ideaSpace


A new business hub for the Institute of Directors in Cambridgeshire will be provided by ideaSpace, initiating a collaboration of business experience with innovative and inspiring start-ups.

ideaSpace forms part of the Entrepreneurship Centre, based in the Hauser Forum on the West Cambridge campus of the University of Cambridge. It provides space, resources and support to a wide community of entrepreneurs and advisors.

The Institute of Directors (IoD) is an association of members that forms a network reaching into every corner of the business community. Membership spans the whole spectrum of business leadership, from the largest public sector organisations and private companies to new start-ups.

The partnership will allow members of both organisations to benefit from increased networking opportunities and the ability to share experiences where ideaSpace companies can gain valuable knowledge and advice from experienced IoD members.

ideaSpace and the IoD are ideal partners. The mission of ideaSpace is to foster an inspiring culture and enabling environments to accelerate new innovations pursuing global opportunities, while the IoD champions innovative and entrepreneurial activities within an environment conducive to business success. The collaboration brings together a traditional well-established business organisation with a flourishing forward-thinking supporter of entrepreneuriial activities.  Both have a dedicated interest in the future of business growth, early stage ventures and innovation policy in the UK.

David Sales, Chairman for the Institute of Directors Cambridgeshire, says: “We are very excited to see this partnership develop, and will be encouraging our members to take advantage of the facilities on offer at ideaSpace, including the meeting rooms and networking events.  A key aim of the partnership is to facilitate the sharing of business experience and opportunities between our members and new venture companies.”

Belinda Clarke, Director of External Relations at ideaSpace commented “We are delighted to welcome IoD members to be part of the ideaSpace co-working community. Networking and sharing of experiences underpin the ideaSpace ethos, and I believe members of both organisations will benefit from working more closely together.”





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