The Mobile Data Challenge (MDC) Special Issue


Published in the Pervasive Mobile Computing Journal

This Special Issue finalizes the Mobile Data Challenge (MDC), a community-based research initiative on smartphone data analysis that started in 2011, and was concluded as a workshop in connection with the Pervasive 2012 conference in Newcastle, U.K. in June 2012.

The MDC, organized by Nokia Research Center and Idiap Research Institute, was created around the Lausanne Data Collection Campaign (LDCC) data. This smartphone data was collected from close to 200 users for over a year of time in the Lake Geneva region in Switzerland in 2009-2011. After releasing the data to over 500 individual researchers worldwide and receiving over 100 challenge submissions, the MDC Workshop featured 40 smartphone data based papers on a variety of topics related to descriptive analysis, mining, classification, and visualization of mobility, connectivity, and communication.

The momentum created by the challenge and related workshop motivated organizers to contribute a Special Issue that features some of the best ideas originating from the MDC. In July 2012 authors of a total of 11 papers (including the six winners of the various awards given at the MDC Workshop) were invited to substantially extend their work and submit a journal version of their initial contributions. Additionally, an overview paper about the Mobile Data Challenge was co-authored by the core research team at Nokia and Idiap and submitted for review. The papers were subject to peer review following the regular process of the Pervasive Mobile Computing Journal.


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