'The Pillars of Business Success' course comes to Cambridge


Ken Dickson of Axiom-e will be running his internationally acclaimed course 'The Pillars of Business Success' in Cambridge from 8th to 11th October 2018 at NIAB Innovation Farm's Sophi Taylor Building Conference Centre. ***Special price of £399 + VAT available until 7th September***

In addition to running and supporting various hi-tech commercial businesses as Finance Director or Business Advisor, Ken Dickson, Founder and Director of Axiom-e, is increasingly asked to help, mentor and train young entrepreneurs in various countries. As a result, he has spoken at events in Dubai, Nigeria and Zambia as well as in the UK.

Ken ran his course The Pillars of Business Success in Zambia (for Zambia 2050 and the University of Kitwe) and has taught elements of it in Nigeria (at the Cambridge International Education Conference) and the UK. Having been asked to run it in Cambridge, he will be doing so as a four-day, non residential course from 8th to 11th October 2018. It will be held at NIAB Innovation Farm's Sophi Taylor Building Conference Centre.

The practical and interactive course covers the essential skills necessary for running a successful organisation with social impact and will be of benefit to anyone:

  • thinking of starting a business
  • developing an early-stage organisation
  • employed in mature businesses who wants a broader view of how their role fits in.

 The major purpose of the course is to help attendees think about:

  • why they want to run a business
  • what skills they have and which ones they need to develop
  • what success looks like to them
  • how they will be able to benefit their family, community and country.

After laying the foundations of good business attitudes, ethics and integrity, the course focuses on the building blocks of vision and planning before discussing the pillars of strategy, finance and management - elements that all sustainable businesses have in common. The course introduces bible-based principles for business that have stood the test of time as well as ideas from modern management thinkers and practitioners.

By arrangement with African Business Platform, tickets are available until 7th September at a special price of £399 + VAT (standard early bird price £450 + VAT). Click here to book your place. For more information visit the dedicated website about The Pillars Of Business Success.

Part of the proceeds from the course will be used to subsidise future courses in Burundi, Nigeria, Zambia and other countries so that, through bursaries, deserving entrepreneurs will be able to attend irrespective of their economic circumstances.

The Pillars Of Business Success Course in Zambia led to an attendee securing funding for his social enterprise: bee keeping in rural Zambia to help generate funds to enhance local schooling.

What will you do with what you learn on the course in Cambridge?

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Founded by Ken Dickson, an internationally experienced finance director, who now acts as 'The Financial Doctor', Axiom-e is an independent strategic financial management consultancy which provides business advice focussed on strategic, financial, accounting, administrative and general management issues. Our portfolio of clients has included commercial organisations, social enterprises and charities.

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