The Welding Institute launches new award for 2018


The Welding Institute has launched a new award for 2018. The Continuous Learning and Development Award will recognise outstanding individuals who have undertaken significant educational journeys in parallel to their welding career.

Reflecting the efforts and personal sacrifices made by an individual in acquiring and applying the knowledge they have gained, the award includes a cash prize of £500.

The Continuous Learning and Development Award will place the focus on individuals who have successfully combined practical workplace skills with traditional learning and academic achievement to the benefit of both themselves and their employer.

Recognising the wide range of routes that can be taken to achieve success, any successful welder who has applied passion with a willingness to learn and try new things should consider applying for this award.

To be considered for the award, nominees should be able to provide evidence of learning and how that learning has been successfully applied.

The award is sponsored by Professor Steven Jones, recently appointed Director of the Nuclear AMRC, Sheffield, and Chairman of the Welding Institute’s Professional Board.

Speaking on the award, Professor Jones said, “I did not follow the traditional academic route but obtained my academic qualifications through external self-financed private study. On reflection of this achievement, it was a lot of hard work, but I am very proud and thankful for what I have managed to achieve, and hope to inspire others to pursue their ambitions, unconstrained by convention or the expectation of others.”

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