Tier 2 helps Lloyd’s of London deliver 'SmartForms' initiative


Lloyd's - the world's leading specialist insurance market - has released SmartForms, providing insurance brokers with a platform to capture data and create an MRC (Market Reform Contract) wherever they are. SmartForms has been designed and developed by Tier 2 Consulting.

As a result of using the solution, the broker will have access to a document in a format they require (Word, PDF etc.) as well as structured standard data from the MRC in the form of an XML message.

Designed and developed by Tier 2 Consulting, SmartForms is based on JBoss Enterprise Middleware technology, and uses tight integration with Exari to provide the document assembly aspects of the solution.

SmartForms has been offered by Lloyd's as a tool to brokers delivering the following benefits:

1. Providing a consistent XML output from MRC creation that could reduce rekeying by feeding back office systems, MMTs, which is aligned with long term market modernisation strategy.

2. Supporting overseas brokers wishing to take on the role of MRC creation but with limited knowledge of how to create the contract.

3. Allowing mobile editting of MRC documents on tablets.

For further information about SmartForms, please visit:


and click on the SmartForms twisty.



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