Tonejet partners with Ball Packaging Europe


Ball Packaging Europe will in future supply individually designed containers in addition to conventionally printed cans, thanks to an innovative technology developed in cooperation with the British company Tonejet.

Using a special drop-on-demand process, it will be possible to print cans each with a different design - in brilliant photo quality with 600 dpi resolution.

Ray Southam, CEO of Tonejet - which is part of the TTP Group, based at Melbourn, near Cambridge - said: “The Tonejet print engine represents a revolution in the packaging industry. It will enable Ball to gain a significant market advantage by delivering bespoke branding to its customers in an industry that produces upwards of 250 billion drinks cans per year. The print engine works on our proprietary electrostatic drop-on-demand deposition technology which allows photographic quality images to be printed directly onto virtually any type of material including plastic film, paperboard and metal.

"Like Ball, we envisage this new technology creating a buzz at major events, such as the 2012 London Olympics, where limited edition cans carrying images of the medal winners could be available in stores worldwide the following day. Tonejet technology will enable advertisers across all market sectors to reach wider audiences through the use of eye-catching packaging.

"Tonejet’s print engine will not only generate unprecedented opportunities for brand owners to target audiences on an individual basis, but will also meet the industry’s critical needs for high machine uptime and low running costs. The operational and marketing benefits are truly industry changing given that our technology can print on such a vast array of materials - cans are just the beginning.”

Read the announcement from Ball Packaging Europe

About Tonejet Limited (TJL)
TJL owns, develops, licenses and supplies Tonejet technology, a powerful new digital printing process targeted at commercial and industrial applications, primarily package decoration. TJL works closely with industry leaders in the key target sectors in order to commercialise its technology and bring the benefits of digital printing to the high volume, multi-billion dollar markets where cost, reliability and throughput are critical factors.

The company is part of the TTP Group, Europe’s leading independent product and technology development and licensing organisation. It is headquartered in Melbourn, near Cambridge, UK.


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