Top of the Toasters


The critical element of design is to meet all the product's requirements, especially its primary role, but Which? magazine has found out that this isn't necessarily the case when it comes to toasters.

During a recent test article, the 19 best-selling toasters were put through their paces, under the watchful eye of the magazine's experts.

Top of the Toasters Alarmingly most could not produce an evenly browned piece of toast, 'then there's the near universal problem of bread that pokes over the slot so that the top remains anaemic while the lower part crisps,' the report added. From the magazine's extensive tests they could only recommend one toaster, the Prestige 'Symmetry', which was named as their Best Buy.

Prestige have been developing their new small domestic appliances with Cambridge based product design consultants Wright Design Limited. The importance of appropriate design has been shown with the 'Symmetry' toaster, achieving an attractive modern style, without compromising functionality.

Which? was not the only magazine to praise the Symmetry, the Sunday Mirror's 'Toasters to the test' voted the Prestige Symmetry as their Best Buy, giving it 10 out of 10. The feature added, 'In Stylish graphite grey with stainless steel fittings, this curvy model wins our vote on price and for a design feature that's actually useful - it toasts at an angle for ease of viewing'.


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