TTP demonstrates novel phone security platform at Mobile World Congress 2010


Part of ‘Design Out Crime’, an initiative from the Home Office’s Design & Technology Alliance Against Crime and the Design Council, TTP has developed a novel set of security technologies to protect mobile phone users against crime.

Cambridge, UK and Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain... The Technology Partnership (TTP), partnered with Rodd Design, have successfully proven a new approach to mobile phone security after winning funding from the Design Council, Technology Strategy Board and Home Office.

TTP and Rodd were selected on the strengths of their credentials to develop new ways of securing mobile phone handsets, the data they contain, and key applications such as e-mail and payment. The technology was developed by TTP, supported by user experience and graphic design created by Rodd, and then integrated by TTP into a mass-market phone. It is being demonstrated by TTP and the Design Council at the UKTI stand on the Avenue at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, from 15-18 February 2010.

The concept is unique because it requires no additional hardware, is applicable to most phone platforms from feature phones upwards, and addresses both phone theft and data security. TTP's technology benefits almost everyone in the cellular ecosystem, users, operators and handset vendors. Further details are available from TTP.

The Mobile Phone Security Challenge is part of ‘Design Out Crime’, an initiative from the Home Office’s Design & Technology Alliance Against Crime and the Design Council. The Mobile Phone Security Challenge is supported by the Technology Strategy Board. TTP & Rodd Design were one of three teams, chosen from over 50, awarded funding to tackle making mobile phones less attractive to thieves and fraudsters while developing real market solutions.

According to the British Crime Survey, a mobile phone is stolen in half of all robberies. Another recent survey found that 80% of people carry information on their mobile phone handsets that could be used by criminals to commit fraud – and 16% keep their bank details saved on their phone, yet only 4 in 10 people currently lock their mobiles using a PIN. Such sensitive data includes website passwords, bookmarks, emails, personal security data and locations/addresses on map applications.

TTP has proved its acumen in the field as a world leader in providing embedded technology in the dynamic, growing global market for digital broadcast TV, radio and multimedia services delivered to mobile devices.

new phone security measures from TTP

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