TTP LabTech’s comPOUND® celebrates 10 years


TTP LabTech’s comPOUND® automated modular microtube store celebrates its heritage and looks to the future.

TTP LabTech is celebrating the 10th year of comPOUND®, the world’s first automated, modular microtube store, for the secure storage of chemical and biological compound libraries. Using pneumatic technology and specialist sample processing software, comPOUND® has the ability to cherry pick individual tubes, providing extremely rapid access to a range of library subsets as required. The ability to link additional comPOUND® modules provides a unique expansion solution, enabling pharmaceutical companies to invest in a storage facility which can grow according to their business needs.


The comPOUND® system was highlighted by TTP LabTech at the recent European Lab Automation exhibition in Hamburg, Germany, (30th June-1st July), with a poster entitled “comPOUND®: The Future of Sample Management”

Designed to provide ultimate sample stability, security and tracking, comPOUND’s® modular format offers valuable integrity and flexibility for any sample storage facility. To ensure the integrity of samples in storage, it is essential to prevent degradation due to environmental exposure and temperature fluctuation, comPOUND® maintains a temperature controlled, dry, inert and hermetically sealed environment. In addition, the ability to cherry pick individual tubes prevents freeze/thaw damage of samples taken unnecessarily out of storage in racks.

Jas Sanghera, Commercial Director of TTP LabTech commented that “The comPOUND® system’s tenth anniversary marks a significant point in the development of laboratory automation over the last decade. TTP LabTech has always been at the cutting edge of innovative laboratory workflow solutions and comPOUND® has been a great development for us.” He continued, “Essentially it is its unique, flexible, modular format which has led to its success as it offers a reliable, cost effective storage solution. As client’s compound libraries have expanded, they have been able to easily add additional modules as required. Furthermore, the robust reliable nature of comPOUND is highlighted by the fact that original modules are still in full use 10 years after their introduction”.

The comPOUND® sample management family has grown and developed over the last decade, with comPILER®, for preparing microplates from stored microtubes within a collection and comPANION®, which enables remote delivery to workstations from comPOUND modules. In addition to this, comSTACKER® and comMOTION® rack handling systems were introduced to enable effective transfer of microtubes between comPOUND® and easily accessible rack hotels. With further research and development on-going, the comPOUND® automated microtube storage platform will continue to provide a complete sample storage solution. Future developments include the seamless integration to LAB2LAB giving the compound manager the ability to achieve fully automated QC of his library.

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