TTP launches 'Wayve' - the new family communication medium


TTP's innovative Wayve service uses a “4th screen for the home” to keep consumers connected to each other and information services.

Leading technology and product development company, The Technology Partnership plc (TTP), will be exhibiting its innovative new consumer communications product, Wayve, at CES in Las Vegas this week (from 8th – 11th January). The Wayve service will connect families and friends using a ‘4th screen for the home’ enabling consumers to compose and send hand written messages, pictures, video and audio clips to mobile phones and other Wayve screens from the comfort of their homes.

Wayve is an “always on” shared use device which links mobile and internet messaging and information services to the home, adding incremental ARPU for mobile operators and bringing multi-media messaging alive. It will also create a rich new medium for information and interactive advertising to reach consumers in the heart of the home. Its ease of use will also introduce a new demographic to the messaging community; user trials showed that it is used by consumers aged 3 to 83.

Chas Sims, Director of TTP, commented: “Wayve’s consumer appeal is its ability to be used by all family members to make, send and receive simple but emotion-rich messages, whilst communications companies of all kinds see the opportunity to use the Wayve medium to generate new information-based revenue streams. In the current economic climate, consumers will not want to invest in major new technology purchases, but Wayve can enable them to extract greater value from their existing devices to stay in touch on a more personal level than ever before, at a very modest cost.”

Wayve is intended to sit in the heart of the home to help busy family members communicate more easily with each other. With its built in camera, touch screen and hand writing recognition, multimedia messages can be scribbled and sent to many recipients in seconds. Wayve also provides a platform for other services including a family calendar and face recognition so that the experience can be tailored according to individual users. With its always on internet connection it can also provide up to the minute local weather and information feeds to match individual user tastes.

TTP has built a long roadmap of potential social, communication and information applications through a unique partnership with Microsoft Research’s socio-digital research group. The product will be launched in 2009.

TTP will be exhibiting at CES Unveiled: The official press event of the International CES on Tuesday 6th January at the Venetian Ballroom from 4pm.

TTP can be contacted at CES via UKTI at 5437MP, North Hall from 8th – 11th January 2009.

Chas Sims, Director of TTP will be available for interview and to demonstrate the range of products and technologies TTP is exhibiting.

Chas will also be speaking at the following events:
- the iHollywood Tech Supper Club on 7th January
- UKTI UK Design and Innovation at CES09 on 9th January

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