TTP’s digital broadcast for mobile solutions will increase ARPU for mobile operators


Leading independent British technology and product development company, The Technology Partnership plc (TTP), will be exhibiting a pioneering new technology to bring digital broadcasts to mobile handsets at CES in Las Vegas this week (from 8th – 11th January).

This will be the first time TTP has introduced the solution to the US market and is intended to enable broadcasters and entertainment providers to tap into opportunities arising from the analogue to digital switchover and the adoption of ATSC and ATSC-M/H.
One of the main benefits of the new technology, which was launched in Europe at the Mobile World Congress, is that it needs only a simple software application on existing handsets to enable Digital broadcasts and enhanced features. In digital radio for example the technology will enable stations to provide listeners with an easy method of instantly purchasing new music when they hear a song that they like. TTP has tapped into the mobile handset’s colour screens and rich interfaces to enable station logos, album cover art, branding and advertising to be displayed. The technology makes Digital Radio interactive, by enabling listeners to vote and take part in competitions. Broadcast digital TV stations will have access to an instant back channel from their audience when in the home or mobile. 
Chas Sims, Director of TTP, commented: “As the US switches off its analogue broadcast services, there are great opportunities to bring new, innovative services to consumers and generate new revenue streams. In addition to the possibilities for digital radio and TV, the technology we are exhibiting at CES will allow consumers to watch on-demand content from their favourite channels on their mobile phones. Network Operators will be able to achieve pull-through and increase ARPU as consumers want to have access to their on-demand content and associated data services wherever they are.”
TTP will be exhibiting a number of satellite and digital radio products and multi-room TV enablers, including a range of satellite digital radio receiver products for Audiovox and XM as well as patented Bluetooth bridge technology, which allows digital broadcast multimedia services to be received on existing mobile handsets. TTP is looking to engage with US companies to explore opportunities to use its digital multimedia technologies in the expanding US ATSC, HD, satellite and internet radio markets, to accelerate the provision of services to mobile users.
TTP will be exhibiting at CES Unveiled: The official press event of the International CES on Tuesday 6th January at the Venetian Ballroom from 4pm.
TTP can be contacted at CES via UKTI at 5437MP, North Hall from 8th – 11th January 2009.
Chas Sims, Director of TTP will be available for interview and to demonstrate the range of products and technologies TTP is exhibiting.
Chas will also be speaking at the following events:
- the iHollywood Tech Supper Club on 7th January
- UKTI UK Design and Innovation at CES09 on 9th January
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TTP is an independent technology company where scientists and engineers collaborate to invent, design and develop new products and technologies. Working across a wide spectrum of industries including health, telecoms, industrials and consumer, TTP creates breakthrough solutions that bring strong commercial value to clients and the benefits of technology to all.

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