TTP unveils revolutionary industrial inkjet printing platform at InPrint USA 2017


TTP will be showcasing its latest disruptive inkjet product, FlexJet at InPrint USA next week (25 April 2017).

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Designed to slash the cost of entry into industrial colour inkjet printing, FlexJet offers the print quality and robust construction of high end industrial inkjet platforms, and the substrate flexibility of UV inks, through a design which can be manufactured for tens of thousands of dollars less than has previously been possible. FlexJet is built on proven mechanical and electronics modules, which enable time to market and development costs to be reduced dramatically.

Aimed at light industrial printing and commercial niches such as labelling, product decoration or garment printing, FlexJet is a modular and highly configurable print engine built around Ricoh’s GH2220 printhead.

TTP customises and licenses the FlexJet design for its customers, who make the resulting printers in house or work with a contract manufacturer. This allows manufacturer margins to be removed or significantly reduced.

Applying decades of experience in the design of both consumer and high-end industrial printing systems, TTP’s engineers can tailor FlexJet for any printer format from flatbed to web-based.

TTP provides a full range of manufacturing support services, in addition to design and development activities.

“We know how long it takes to bring a new product to market from scratch. That’s why we are so excited to have created a platform from which multiple new inkjet applications can be derived, quickly, efficiently and with much lower investment in R&D” said Rob Day, Print Technology Business Manager at TTP.

TTP is currently working with a number of ink vendors, and has achieved excellent print quality and adhesion on a range of substrates.

An A3 flatbed prototype of FlexJet will be showcased at InPrint USA to demonstrate full colour printing at up to 600 x 600 dpi with 4-level greyscale, whilst 1200 dpi printing has been achieved in TTP’s labs. Lead customers will be entering volume production early in 2018. Initial one-off R&D systems for lab trials and application development can be ordered at InPrint. If you would like to meet with one of TTP’s specialist print engineers to discuss an application, please contact:


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