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A few weeks before world leaders met for the G20 Summit, young men and women from across Africa met at the Mastercard Foundation Baobab Summit 2017 in Johannesburg. Under the #GiveBack summit theme, students discussed inclusion, social entrepreneurship and collective action for long term and sustainable change. Among them was Dorcas Apoore, a Mastercard Foundation Scholar at Camfed from northern Ghana.


Social entrepreneurs don’t see problems as problems, but as challenges that need critical thinking and sustainable solutions. Challenges are the ladders to success, and I will never give up in my quest to empower society through education.
- Dorcas Apoore, university student and founder of ASIGE, Ghana

In her recent blog, Dorcas recalls her experience at the Baobab Summit in the light of her own story and mission as a social entrepreneur. Following the global call for the G20 to focus on education as a means to end poverty, achieve sustainable economic growth and address inequality, Dorcas explores the multiplier effect of girls’ education. With an education, women are better equipped to take control of their futures and empower others to do the same.

Through her own education, Dorcas is breaking the cycle of poverty she was born into, unlocking opportunities for herself and others along the way. After finishing school, she founded the non-profit organization Advocacy for Social Inclusion and Girls’ Education (ASIGE). Providing income generating skills training for women from her region who weren't able to complete school, she is working with other Camfed alumnae to multiply the transformative impact of her education.  

Education represents more than books and pens and classrooms. It represents financial independence, improved living conditions, a smaller, healthier and educated family. It is a proven and sustainable route to tackle global poverty.

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