TWI plays its part in 'Working to Engineer a Better World'


TWI is playing its part in promoting greater understanding of the role engineering plays in our society and economy.


In an ITN production, launched this week by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), TWI presents a snapshot of key developments in materials joining and engineering technologies, its plans for growth in line with industry needs through expansion in Cambridge and across the UK, the forthcoming launch of the National Structural Integrity Research Centre, and importantly its work to invest in the vocational, technical and professional development of its staff.

Natasha Kaplinsky presents the programme, Working to Engineer a Better World, which features many different faces of engineering in the 21st Century – demonstrating how important engineering and technology have become to our everyday lives. TWI features in Part One of the Playlist.

The programme celebrates the success of innovative engineering and technology organisations and sends a clear message to government that the industry is pivotal to future economic growth.  It will also be used to inspire more young people, particularly girls, to pursue a career in engineering – to help address the skills shortage currently facing the industry.

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