UK business still not investing enough


SBS is dismayed that British Industry is still failing to invest in the research and development needed to ensure the country's economic success.

Figures published today in the DTI's R&D Scoreboard show that there is now only one UK company in the world's top 50 corporate investors.

'Last year, the UK had two companies in the premier league,' said Peter Cotgreave, Director of SBS, ' this year we've slipped down the table. We have just one premier league investor, compared with 11 for Japan, seven in Germany and four in France.

In total, UK companies increased their R&D spend by 6% last year, while the international average was 12%. 'Without more investment we will become poorer compared to other countries,' said Dr. Cotgreave.

Number of Companies in World Top 50 for R&D investment per million of population.

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