UL launches game changing carbon reporting software - Turbo Carbon

UL's 360 software division (previously known as CR360 or Credit360) has launched an online cloud-based software solution that gives almost any organisation the ability to measure and report their carbon footprint in a simple, fast and affordable way.

Turbo Carbon software for managing and reporting carbon data

Turbo Carbon™ for gathering carbon emissions data

UL's Turbo Carbon for measuring carbon data

The tool helps businesses get up and running with their carbon reporting and generates a PDF report they can use for reporting to customers and regulatory bodies such as SECR mandatory reporting scheme.

There are more than 90 mandatory reporting schemes globally, such as the United Kingdom’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), which require businesses of various sizes to report their carbon emissions. By reporting carbon emissions, businesses will avoid penalties for non-reporting and be better prepared for increasing legislation.

While not all governments have implemented mandatory carbon reporting, the world’s largest companies are setting goals around their carbon emissions.  And with 90 percent of a retailer’s emissions originating in their supply chain, many are requesting carbon data from their vendors. According to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), more than 115 organizations are already requesting carbon data from more than 11,500 suppliers.  Companies of all sizes benefit from understanding and reporting their carbon data.

UL’s latest solution “Turbo Carbon” is easy to use, efficient and cost effective carbon reporting tool. Having provided sustainability reporting services to customers for more than a decade, UL understands the challenges encountered and success factors required to deliver comprehensive, accurate CO2 reporting. This understanding is embedded into UL's Turbo Carbon reporting software tool, making it a one-stop digital software as a service resource for carbon reporting.

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With Turbo Carbon’s accessible portal and easy to use user interface, you will be collecting energy data and reporting your carbon footprint in just a few simple steps.  Users are already seeing the benefits by reporting with Turbo Carbon, gathering carbon data from their sites, vendors, and supply chains.

  • Training
  • Data Collection
  • Report Creation
  • Compliance
  • Pre set up KPI library
  • Advisory services for circularity, carbon, sustainability, supply chain management

Start your journey by visiting www.turbo.ul.com for more information, demonstration requests and general enquiries.

or email carbon@ul.com

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