VacZine Analytics releases MarketVIEW: inactivated polio virus vaccines


Who will benefit from the boom in inactivated polio virus vaccines? Today UK-based strategic research consultancy VacZine Analytics releases a new commercial market forecast for inactivated polio virus vaccines.

MarketVIEW: inactivated polio virus vaccines (CAT No: VAMV053) is a comprehensive commercial opportunity assessment detailing the potential market for IPV vaccines (stand-alone and DTP-IPV combinations) to 2030 across GAVI, Non-GAVI, India, China, Indonesia, Brazil, Existing IPV, Mixed OPV-IPV, OPV, (High-income and UMI) public markets.

Three forecast scenarios are included: BASE, FRACTIONAL and LOW, where differing dose levels of IPV are explored. The report is written from the perspective of IPV producers who are faced with the pending decision(s) of supranational stakeholders whether to continue polio eradication with a "5 plus 1" strategy or hexavalent DTwP-Hep B-Hib-IPV vaccine.

Domestic vaccine manufacturer (DVM) capabilities are discussed in terms of potential partnerships, technical issues and alliance activity to date. A case study of J&J/Crucell's PER.C6 IPV is included with revenue projections per market. 


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VacZine Analytics is an established strategic research publisher based in the United Kingdom.

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