Video on demand 'vital' for top companies


A massive 80 per cent of the world's top 2000 businesses will provide video on demand (VOD) to employees' desktop computers in a bid to attract the best staff, new research claims.

Gartner researchers say firms have to start upgrading their networks to support VOD or 'risk being at a competitive disadvantage' to rivals. The key uses for the technology are seen as corporate training and communications.

Research analyst Lawrence Orans said 'As e-learning moves into the mainstream, employees will expect to be able to access video-based coursework from professional associations and from online universities.

'Without that capability businesses will find themselves losing valuable employees to businesses that can offer VOD capabilities.'

Gartner says trends in consumer webcasting are setting the standards for business requirements. But many firms dismiss VOD without recognising its benefits.

'Many network managers regard VOD as a bandwidth hogging, superfluous application because they watch employees abuse their network privileges by watching video clips from sporting events or music videos,' said Orans.

'However, those managers need to understand the legitimate uses of the applications and formulate a plan for upgrading their networks to support them.'