The importance of powerful video


If you have not yet incorporated video marketing into your strategy, then you are simply behind the times, says OH! Films. Not only that, you are losing out on the various benefits that having a video strategy provides.

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OH! Films writes:

We have written previously on how video is rapidly growing and quickly becoming important in marketing strategy.

Why Video?
The reason video is such a powerful tool lies within its ability to engage, educate, and influence potential and existing customers. It’s a quick way to show brand personality and spread your company’s message in a compelling way.

Unlike other marketing strategies, video has the ability to make the audience feel something and it will generally motivate action.  In fact, including a call to action within in the content often increases conversion. Small companies come to OH! Films with the intention of creating video as a one-time deal and now we work with them on a regular basis, producing multiple videos for them a year, which is great for both parties. Our clients have seen the success of video content and understand the impact of including video in their marketing strategies.

Social Media
There are many ways to utilize video from a marketing standpoint; let’s talk about a few. Social media platforms are the perfect place to showcase pre rolls and teasers to create buzz, start a conversation about your brand. Find a creative way to make a short form video that will be “share-worthy” and reach large groups of people. On average, we spend 28% of our time on social media, almost two full hours a day. With millions of people interacting on social media, creating good video content can be a vital tool in reaching the masses, and making your brand’s content go viral.

Video Testimonials
Now, let's talk about the value of a video testimonial. Video testimonials can be a great asset to your marketing plan as it allows your clients to sell the product or service for you. A genuine video testimonial can be just as powerful as hearing about a brand or service through word of mouth. With tools like Google Reviews and Yelp!, and websites including a comment or review section under a product, people now more than ever are relying on others to let them know if their purchase will be worth it. Video testimonials take that experience to the next level, making it more personal and building more trust.

Search Engine Optimization
Video can also help expand your SEO. Website owners can allow people to share their video content, creating backlinks that are registered by search engines. This can greatly increase your search rankings. Also, having a video on your landing page is key. In fact, Unbounce says that using video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. When thinking about the type of video, you should consider “a day in the life” theme, or a video about your company’s culture. According to MarketingProfs, 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium.

Video Blogs
Video blogs are another important type of video to consider. Content for video blogs could include getting to know key members of a company, interviews with the CEO and executives on a professional and personal level, have a member talk about their expertise, explain what a day in the company is like, showcase a product, or explain company values. It helps people connect and feel good about their relationship with your company. Simply put, it humanizes your company. Video blogs are also easy to promote on social media and can help you stay relevant. Forbes Insight reported that 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text, if both are available on the same page.

Let Video Help You
Every business has a brand identity.  You need to showcase your passion and give your consumers a reason to choose you over the competition. The possibilities with videos are endless and the results can be gratifying and game changing. As of now “only 24% of brands are using online video to market to consumers”.

Don’t underestimate the powerful role video can play in your marketing strategy.  Contact our office to find out more.

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