Violent incident reported in Cambridge


The manager of a shop has been assaulted while sitting in a police car.

Ian Spears was attacked while waiting to give a statement about another violent incident at the store.

Mr Spears who runs the Market Fresh store in Cambridge suffered minor injuries after the door was wrenched open and he was repeatedly kicked before the attacker ran off.

The incident started yesterday (Tues) afternoon when a gang of youths apparently attempted to steal a charity box from the shop.

A security guard and an off duty member of staff attempted to intervene and were both assaulted. A rubbish bin was then thrown through a plate glass window before the gang ran off.

The security guard suffered only minor injuries but the other staff member needed hospital treatment for cuts and bruises.

Police say they believe one of the gang then returned and launched the attack on the manager.

A 15 year old youth is currently being interviewed by detectives about violent disorder.